Soda Crate Shelving

I have to old soda crates in my garage waiting for me to find some inspiration.  And I may have just found it at My Dear Trash:

She used them as shelves, inspired by Pottery Barn:

Now I just need to find a couple more.  Maybe if I have old soda crates on my wall it will appease my need to do this to a set of stairs:

At least for a little while!


  1. OK, now I need to find some soda crates. Awesome ideas!

  2. I had that picture torn out of my pottery barn catalog and put up on my idea board. I think us crafters must have the same taste -- everytime I save something from PB it shows up somewhere! The music candles, the boxes, the advents the canvases lol. Thanks crafters your saving me TONS of cash! :)

  3. LOVE me some soda crates and those shelf shadow boxes are awesome!

    And thanks for yet another shout out, friend, this time my stairs! You keep me in business. :)



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