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Honeyed Pears in Puff Pastry

There aren't many desserts that I don't like, but I am not the biggest fan of baked fruit.  I can do a cherry pie.  Not a fan of apple.  I can handle most berries.  I actually have never tried a baked pear.  I love pears, but I am going to guess that they lean toward the baked apple side of the spectrum.  That being said, I don't care HOW I feel about baked pears, I still want to make this:

Heather from Sprinkle Bakes just posted the recipe for these honeyed pears in puff pastry.  And it is just to beautiful to eat.  So it doesn't matter how I feel about eating baked pears.  I just want to make this so that someone will ooh and ahh over how beautiful it is!

You can check the recipe out HERE.

So are you a lover of baked pears?

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Aimee said...

Those look divine. I am a totally fan of the pear. I wish it was used more in the States as a primary flavor, but I am seeing it appear in new places like Yoplait yogurt. Can't wait to try this.