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Snowman Families

Childmade Tutorials has a fun project that turns an old white glove into this cute Snowman Family:

It is an even cuter project if you happen to have five people in your family, like we do.  I think it would be a perfectly cute Christmas card idea if it didn't require a couple dozen white gloves.  So it will just have to stay a really cute Winter decoration idea. Maybe an invitation to a small party.

Or for a Christmas card you could substitute a glove for cute little finger prints and some white paint like this ornament from Full of Great Ideas:

My daughter brought one of these home from school last year.  They are such a fun way to record your kids handprints around Christmas time.  I wish I had one for each of my kids now.  From every year!  I could have an entire collection.  You can see the tutorial on how to make them HERE.
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