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Our First Last Picnic

This was the first year that I was in charge of The Last Picnic.  It is my mother-in-laws tradition, but it is one that I love, so this year we had our first last picnic.

The last picnic is an indoor picnic.  It is so named because it is the last picnic before the beginning of the school year.  This happened to be the first picnic we have had all summer, which would make the it first last first picnic.

The only requirements are

1) You have to sit on the floor  (no trying to sit on the couch)

2) You have to have yummy drinks, preferably in bottles.  We went with Izzes  Notice that there are 12 bottles and only 5 of us.  Not only do you have to have yummy drinks, it is recommended to have a LOT of yummy drinks:

3) Have some of your favorite food (see all above)

4) Have something fun and new.  This year we did fruit salad cones ala  Bakers Royale:

They were really fun.  I need a smaller melon baller, not to mention some lessons, but I was really happy with these.  They were fun and the kids loved them.  Ruby even tried to eat it like an ice cream cone. 

The kids even helped by making Hot Dogs in a blanket.  It was the perfect addition because they have loved making them all summer long.

And my favorite part were the plates.  I found lunch tray type plates in rainbow colors a couple of months ago and stashed them away for tonight.

We missed having our family around, but it is always fun to have a party.

And today, we sent them back to school:

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