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Scrolling Button Marquee

So, I thought I would share how I made the buttons on my blog scroll. I found the magic code at Project Create a Home:

The code was on their blog. Right here. And I copied it. There's goes up, mine moves sideways. So you can copy the code off of their site you can cut and paste this code:

Just go to your Layout Tab, Add a New Gadget (HTML) and paste this code there. Then in before the /marquee (which is in between these < >) put the code for your buttons. When you have saved it, you can view your blog and you should see my button:

scrolling on your sidebar. You can then add more buttons by copying the code for the button and pasting it in front of the end tag (which is < and then /and then marquee and then this > again.

(if I were to type it out it wouldn't show because it is HTML code. If you need help, shoot me an email and I can email the code to you)

After playing with it a while, I found one on Katie's blog that scrolled up, but showed more than one button at a time. And I think I like that one more. So I did a little tweaking and I am now trying to decide which one I like more. They are both on the right column of my blog, so let me know what you think.

Here is the code for the vertical scroll:

So hopefully one of those will work for you. Happy scrolling blog button making!

Oh, and totally off topic. Do you remember when Bob Barker hosted the price is right and at the end of each episode he would remind you to spay or neuter your pets. Well at the end of each 'Let's Talk About Blogging' post I am going to remind you to add your email address to your blogger profile!
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