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Make Your Own Teapot Lamp

Back in January I posted about these lamps that you could buy at Pottery Barn Kids:

Back in January I was dreaming that someone would come up with a DIY tutorial for these. And Paul Lowe from Country Living heard my cry! They posted a tutorial on how to make this:

And it actually isn't as hard as you would think. Paul filled the top cup with a self-hardening clay (Amaco) and while it was still wet, he pressed in a socket and cord unit from Ikea and a harp from Lowe's. To keep from having to drill holes, he made it so the cord would run down the back of the lamp instead of through the middle:

Then you stack the remaining pieces and secure them with super glue:

Both the glue and the clay need to set for 24 hours. So it might take you two days to finish the job. But I think it would be worth it!

You can see the full tutorial here. I am going to be scoping out my local Thrift Stores for some white teacups!
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