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Pottery Barn Chalkboards and Make Your Own Paint

image from Pottery Barn Kids

I didn't know that chalk board paint came in any other color than black. My sister-in law told me that id did, so I did some research. Because with colored chalkboard paint, these have to be the easiest things to recreate EVER!!

Some MDF, dowels, a drill and some chalkboard paint. If you can't buy colored chalkboard paint, Martha has a tutorial to make chalkboard paint out of ANY latex paint color!!

You start with flat-finish latex paint (any color) For each cup of paint you use, mix 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout with a paint stirrer. Make sure to break up any clumps.

To apply the chalkboard paint, use a roller or sponge paintbrush. Make sure the surface has been painted previously or has been primed. Work with small sections, using multiple coats for full, even coverage. Let dry and then smooth the area with sandpaper (150-grit), and wipe off dust.

Rub the side of a piece of chalk over entire surface and then wipe away residue with a barely damp sponge.
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