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Paperback Pumpkins

I found the instructions for paperback pumpkins at Country Home and knew I HAD to give it a try! It was something that I actually HAD all of the supplies for (probably because there aren't many) so I didn't have to go out and spend any money!!

Here is the image from their site:

picture from Country Home

My first attempt didn't come out this cute, but my second one (which is still in the works) will!

First you need this:

Well, not exactly THAT paperback book, but a paperback book. This happened to be one of about a MILLION that we had in our garage. My husband is a reader. And from the looks of the book collection that is in our garage he always has been.

Make sure that you use a book that you aren't going to miss. And make sure it isn't your husbands autographed Joe Torre book. Oops! Actually this wasn't the autographed one. But when I told Hubby I was making a Halloween decoration out of his Joe Torre book he THOUGHT it was his autographed one. That was fun!

If you don't have a paperback book that you won't miss, I bet you can find one at a garage sale for pretty stinking cheap. Or I have a million in my garage I can send you!

Next you do this:

Start at the back of the book (I don't think it really matters, but I liked being able to look at the page numbers and see how many pages I had left to fold) and just fold the page in half. I am sure there are people that will take their time and make them all neat. And I am sure it will be super cute if you do. I got mine done in about 15 minutes and had to check math homework in that time. It is still cute!


All that is left is to take some black paper and cut out a face. My Joe Torre book wasn't the best choice (it had pictures in it so it took away from the text look and gave Mr. Jack O Lantern a funny line down his face).

So don't choose a book with pictures.

I am on my third one will post a picture when they are all done!

Happy book folding!

PS. Iif you notice in the first picture that there is one that has a pointed top instead of a flat top, just fold the top corner of the page down. I actually did this to the pumpkin above after I took the pictures. It made the photo pages less noticeable.
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