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About Me

When I was in the seventh grade I went to Washington DC with my parents and my sister Angela who was about to start college.  The trip would go down in history as the biggest family fiasco ever.  

Some of the highlights include my mom getting lost on the Metro, my sister staying at the hotel instead of sightseeing with the family because she broke her walkman and didn't want to actually talk to me, and my sister and I making my mom cry in a restaurant because we wouldn't stop fighting.

But also on that vacation I talked my dad into buying me a few things.  A baby seal puppet from one of the Smithsonian gift shops, a replica of every document that has anything to do with the history of the United States, and a button from a street vendor that that read: Be Different...Act Normal.

I am now 37, my sister and I get along well enough to not require a pair of earphones, I live in Austin with my four kids and a pretty great husband, and instead of that really cool button, I have this blog.

If you want to know anything else about me, you just have to ask.

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