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How to upload photos from Canon to MacOS Sierra

Yesterday I tried to upload photos from my Canon camera to my Mac that I had just updated to OS Sierra.  After a half dozen unsuccessful attempts at getting the computer to even recognize that my Canon DSL was connected, I assumed there was an issue with my cord.  I then wasted an hour looking for another cord I could use to transfer my image files to my computer.

Luckily, right before I gave up and ordered a new Canon interface cable, I decided to do a little searching online and found out that I am not the only that couldn't import photos from my Canon DSL camera to my Mac.   It is an issue caused by the latest Mac OS update.  If you have updated to OS Sierra then it is likely that your computer is not recognizing your camera.  (I am running 10.12.1 but I have read that there are issues with all version 10.0 updates)

Thanks to the internet I found an easy work around.  You need to head into your camera settings and change your communication settings from PC Connection (or Normal) to PTP/Print.

Just like that your computer and camera will get along again and your photographs will appear, ready to import, in the Photos app on your Mac.

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