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How To See Who Has Viewed Your Instagram Stories

If you are curious who has viewed your Instagram Stories, 
here is how you can find out who has watched.

Click on your own Instagram Story and look for the little eye at the bottom.  
The number next to the eye will tell you how many people have viewed your story.

After You click on the eye icon, 
it will open a page showing you each image and video that is part of your current story.

This page will allow you to see everyone that has viewed your story.

You can also share your story.  This option allows you to add the photo or video to your permanent Instagram feed.

This is also the page where you can save your story to your device
or delete all or part of your story if you have changed your mind about sharing it.  
Remember, the story will delete itself in 24 hours 
(although Instagram will still save the images and videos on their servers)

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