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Painting My House - An Instagram History

We are finally starting to work on some house projects that have been two and a half years in the making.  Really I have only been putting it off for 21 months.  I know it has been this long because I have a visual history of it on Instagram.  This post should really be called "I promise I am not crazy.  I have a really good reason why it took me this long to paint my house."

12 April 2013
I start pondering what paint color and or paint colors  I want to use in my entry.   It is 20 feet high and I really don't want to get it wrong because this is probably only happening once every 150 years.

7 May 2013
Feeling ambitious I pick out some paint swatches at Home Depot and tape them to the wall.  They sit there from three months.

29 June 2013
I ditch the entry, to hard, and paint our master bathroom.  Even though I am in love with it (and in love with the straight lines I got using Frog Tape for the first time) I remember how much I don't actually love painting.

Somewhere in here I choose a half dozen paint colors to try and painted swatches all over my house.  And I mean all over.  There were so many colors in my dining room that one of my daughters friends asked me "Is this supposed to be art?'

I then left them there for a year.

Then we decided on a color, painted one wall, and I immediately decided it was wrong.

And it was.

23 May 2014
Owen learns to color on everything with pen.

3 June 2014
I narrow down my color choices and decide on colors for everything except the entry.  
That still has me stumped.

I don't actually paint anything though.

4 August 2014
Owen changes his medium to crayon on wall.

In an attempt to cover up some of his less desirable works, I choose a couple more colors for the entry and paint walls and pillars to see it in different light.

I find a color I don't hate.

I get quotes from painters.  Most of the quotes make me cry.

The random wall colors stay there for four months.

8 January 2015
The painters that make me cry the least call me and tell me that because there are freezing temperatures in the forecast, they have an opening.  (I guess you can't paint the outside of a house in the freezing rain.)

I panic wondering if I really like the color I chose for the entry.

I paint the dining room because the bottom color is one of the colors I chose for the entry and wanted to see it again.

I still don't hate it.

 10 January 2015
 I am really glad it isn't me on those ladders.  I am too busy keeping Owen off of them anyways.  The walls look great.  Now everything else looks like it needs to be updated.


Vickie @ said...

oh my goodness! I laughed most of the way through your post because I have been there, done that! Last year I ended up painting the entire inside of my house. Thank goodness I don't have ceilings as high as yours! Anyway, I ended up having a torn rotator cuff that was actually a stress tear, along with a serious case of bursitis, because of all the painting! A summer and autumn of physical therapy, lots of pain pills and missing out on kayaking, and I am now back to about 95%. As far as your artist: my son did the same thing! So, when I got tired of scrubbing the wall, I made him do it. That didn't work, he still drew on the wall. When I asked him why he was drawing in the wall, I finally understood that it was his monster that he said chased the other monsters away at night in the dark. I got a picture frame, hung it up on the wall where his "art" was, and left it. I was afraid this would backfire with him thinking that he liked his "art" framed, but it didn't. He didn't draw on the walls anymore! Also, I like your choice of colors! How lucky that the painters called you when they had some time on their hands!
Have a wonderful year!

Lorie said...

Vickie, I am glad you are starting to feel better!

We have a giant white board and I keep trying to decide if that will make the problem better or worse!

My other option is to get rid of all the writing utensils!

Have a great week!

La Petite Gallery said...

This house really has high ceilings, make sure those guys on ladders are insured.
Boy, that is a big job. I am sure you will love it when it's finished. yvonne