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Show & Tell Saturday - 01/24/14

Happy Show & Tell Saturday! What a week it has been!  After having Monday off from school in celebration of MLK Day, school was canceled yesterday because of inclement weather.  Inclement, as in unpleasantly cold and wet.

I am not kidding!

 If there is ice on the roads, and it isn't going to melt before 9:00am, they cancel school for the day.  It typically happens one day each school year.  Last year there were no inclement weather days, so the kids were twice as excited this morning when they got to stay home and play in the 'snow'.  They had a great time, which is good because it means they will be in school on President's Day to make up for it.

Que Sera!

  Anyway, the three day week has thrown me for a major loop and I am ready to spend tomorrow getting back on schedule and checking out all of the great projects you have been working on this week!  Grab a link to your favorite post and share it below!

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