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iPhone iOS 7 Trick of the Day [level]

My husband has been sending me little tricks for the new iPhone iOS 7 update.  I always have a hard time adjusting to the changes they make and I think he is trying to make me like it more.  Or maybe he is trying to get me to forget he bought a new iPhone.  Either way, the tip he shared today was pretty clever and I though I would pass it along.  It is actually pretty handy if you are working on a DIY project or just hanging pictures.

If you open the Compass App and swipe from right to left, a second page will appear.  That second page is a level!

It works vertically and horizontally:

And you can even use it to find out if your surface is level.

My desk is not!!

I hope that trick comes in handy!  Did you know there was a level on your new iPhone update?  What other tricks have you learned since downloading it?
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