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Caramel Covered Pirates Booty [Snack Mix]

Caramel Covered Pirates Booty from Our Best Bites

I have to admit when I saw the recipe for this snack mix I wasn't a believer at first.  In fact, I had just bough a Costco size bag of pirates booty and that having just snacked on some I was even less of a believer in caramel covered pirates booty.  And then I thought about those big cans of mixed popcorn that you get at Christmas time.  The cans that come with caramel corn and cheese corn.  I am not personally a fan of caramel corn, but I know a couple dozen people who swear by eating a few pieces of each at the same time.  And when I thought about it, this is just saving you the trouble.

Not to mention I have never made anything from Our Best Bites that I didn't love.  That has to be worth something too.  Head over there to get the caramel covered pirates booty recipe.

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