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Push Pop Confetti Launchers

Push Up Pop Confetti Launchers from Subtle Revelry

I broke down and bought push pops a month or so ago.  I still haven't opened the box, but I planned to make yogurt like pops with them this summer.  You know, like the old school ice cream push pops I used to have as a kid.  Now I have another plan for them.  They make great confetti launchers!  And I just happen to have a lot of confetti!

These would be fun for a graduation party or as a replacement for throwing rice at the bride and groom.  Maybe just for the bridesmaid and groomsmen though, so you don't have to make a million of them!

You can check out how to make push pop confetti launchers over at Subtle Revelry.

1 comment:

Miss Charming said...

Cute idea, Lorie! Yes, my kids love popsicles/ice cream so this Summer I have plans to try my hand at some homemade versions.