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DIY Typography Cake

DIY Typography Cake from Subtle Revelry

I love cake.  And I love cakes that have hidden surprises inside.  That used to be limited to frosting and jelly fillings, but then I was introduced to things like flag cake and the surprises reached a whole new level.

Flag Cake from 17 and Baking

Now, with this fun tutorial for typography cake, you can even leave messages hidden inside.  This yay cake would be perfect for a graduation party!  You could even hide the name of your future baby for a surprise in a baby shower cake!  And if you hate black licorice the way that I do, don't worry, the letters aren't made out of licorice like I originally thought.  Just dough!

You can check out how to make a hidden message cake over at Subtle Revelry.

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Vel Criste said...

this is so cute - I have to perfect how I bake first! hehehe! ;-)