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Michaels RE-Love Blogger Challenge [Stool Make Over]

With April marking Earth Month, Michaels invited me to participate in a RE-Love Blogger Challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to take something you have around your home or in the garage that needs a little TLC and turn it into something you love instead of something you would throw away!  Less trash in a landfill is always a good thing, right?

I knew exactly what project I wanted to tackle.  In Arizona there were really strict rules about garbage.  Everything has to be bagged and tied, nothing can just sit out on the curb.  I had read blog posts about people finding items their neighbors had put out on the curb for trash day, but that was nothing I had experienced until we moved to Texas.  The first month here I rescued a little foot stool from the side of the road.

It needed a lot of TLC but what it got instead was a three year sentence to garage.  This week I pulled it out and used some supplies from Michaels to give it the TLC it needed.  Now my girls are fighting over who gets to keep it in their room.

If you want to try tackling a reupholstering project, a stool is the best place to start.  I will be sharing the tutorial in a few days, along with another project I have in the works.

Until then, you can check out more fun RE-Love projects on Michaels Facebook and Pinterest page!


Katie said...

Woah! What a transformation! SO ADORABLE. If your girls can't agree on who gets it, I think the only way to settle the argument is to ship it off to me...

Beth @ Free Stylin' said...

CUTE!! Love the yellow fabric.