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DIY Pouf Chair [West Elm Inspire]

Oversized Pouf from The Shabby Creek Cottage

West Elm poufs are sort of a modern take on the bean bag chair.  They can be used and casueal seating or even as a temporary side table, but at about $250 each I won't be buying a dozen of them to stock the upstairs playroom.  But Gina created her own West Elm inspired over sized pouf and stuffed it with all sorts of comfy odds and ends from around the house, like old blankets and scrap fabric.

I happen to have a ginormous bag of baby girl blankets that I am too attached to actually get rid of but are too girly to torture my 6 month old son with.  I am seeing this as win/win!  It is a comfy chair and discrete hoarding storage all in one!

You can check out how to make an oversized pouf over at The Shabby Creek Cottage.

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Katherine said...

so cute!