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Creamy Jalepeno Ranch Dip Recipe

Chuy's Jalepeño Ranch Dip Knock Off Recipe from Kristen Duke

When you move to Austin, one of the first restaurants people introduce you too is Chuy's.  It is the king of TexMex.  Although, being from Arizona, I prefer traditional Mexican to TexMex, I have to admit that there are quite a few things on their menu I love, especially anything that involves their creamy jalepeño ranch.  It is actually a sauce they put on everything from salads to burritos, but if you are in the know, you eat it as a dip.

Kristen, a Texas blogger who I am friends with in real life, shared a recipe for a Chuy's inspired creamy jalepeño ranch dip on her blog.  I have been trying to find a recipe that is exact to Chuy's and I can say that a lot of her ingredients match up, so I will have to try it out to compare.  Maybe I can talk her into bringing me some! Even if it isn't identical to Chuy's famous dip, I have never found a jalepeño ranch I didn't like.

You can get the jalepeño ranch dip recipe over at Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke.

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Kim said...

I'm behind on reading my blogs, but I just had to comment... I LUHVE Chuys!!! When we eat there, we each ask for our own bowl of creamy jalapeno and I usually ask them to bring me a straw with the bowl. I will make a meal on the chips and creamy jap!!! Hhhmmm, me thinks this could be why I can't lose weight!! Thanks for sharing the recipe.