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How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs In The Oven

Bake Easter Eggs In The Oven from One Little Project

Yesterday I asked on my Facebook page when you decorate your Easter eggs and found out that my sister is planning to hard boil 150 eggs for her daughters class to dye.  So Angela, this post is for you.  Debbie shows you how to bake hard boiled eggs in your oven!  Okay, they really aren't hard boiled since they aren't boiled, but they come out looking the same on the inside.  And with enough muffin tins you could get 4 dozen done in 30 minutes!

You can find out how to bake Easter eggs in the oven over at One Little Project.


Aya said...

Thank you for referencing my INSANITY ;) Love ya! I will BOIL and BAKE!! my way to 150!

Anonymous said...

I did this last weekend, and they turned out very well, but I think next time I would only bake the eggs for 25 minutes. The whites had a brown spot where they touched the pan (does not affect flavor or texture, really, but it's not very pretty), as well as the yolks were just the faintest bit greenish on the outside. They peeled a million times easier than when I boil the eggs.