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How To Clean Between The Oven Glass

How To Clean Between Oven Glass from Ask Anna

I have been trying out cleaning tips I find on Pinterest for a couple weeks with the intention of telling you about them here.  I haven't gotten around to blogging about them yet, but I have definitely found the next tip I am going to try.  Cleaning between oven glass doors!!!  My oven has this long dirty drip of something that was on the oven door when we moved in.  I tried to clean it off the outside, so luck.  I tried to clean it off of the inside, still no luck.  I have no idea how it got BETWEEN the two pieces of glass, but this weekend it is going away thanks to this pin.  Well hopefully it is, if the pin works!

You can check out how to clean between oven glass over on Ask Anna.

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Kimber said...

Oh, thank you so much for sharing this link! We bought a new house last year, and sometime between first-sight and move-in, someone "cleaned" the oven and left steaks. It's been driving me bonkers. Can't wait to see if this works!