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Spring Wreath [Craft It Forward]

Did you know that this week is Random Acts of Kindess Week?  I didn't even know there WAS a Random Acts of Kindness Week!  But now that I do, I look forward to celebrating it with my kids.  What a great excuse to reach out and do something nice for no reason!

Michaels is celebrating too, with a fun Craft It Forward campaign.  They want to inspire you to do acts of kindness in a crafty way.  To do that, they are giving away more than $100,000 in gift cards in their nearly 1,100 US and Canada stores.

You can participate too by sharing your own random acts of kindness on the Michaels Facebook page or on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #RAOKDIY.

This weekend we started working on our own Craft It Forward project.  It has been a little dreary here, so I thought we would bring a little bit of Spring to a neighbor.  We went to Michaels and picked up some supplies for a fun Spring wreath.

For this project we used:

grapevine wreath
floral stems 
(the amount you use will vary by type, I used three)
high temp glue gun and glue sticks 
(this is tricky because the high temp can melt some of the plastic on the floral stems, but in Texas when the temperatures get hot, low temp glue doesn't always hold up!)
wire cutters

Start by taking each stem and cutting it apart into smaller sprigs.  Follow the natural design of the stem when cutting it into smaller sections.  And make sure to use wire cutters.  I got these from our tool kit, but they sell some great tools for working with floral stems right next to the wreath forms and floral foam.

The reason I like working with the grapevine wreath is you can liberally apply hot glue to the stems of the flowers and then tuck it in between the wrapped grapevine, completely concealing the glue.  Just decide which part of the wreath you want to be the top and then start gluing the flowers into place one at a time.

For this wreath the only two rules I followed were to have all of the flowers 'grow' in the same direction and to save a dozen single buds to fill in holes and hide mistakes.

The entire project only took a half hour to put together.  Tonight we will sneak over to our neighbors house and, with the help of a removable hook, attach it to her door.  Hopefully our little random act of kindness will bring a little smile everyday.  

I would love to hear about your fun ideas for crafting it forward.  And if you do decide to participate, make sure to share them on the Michaels Facebook page!

I received a gift card to purchase supplies for my Craft It Forward project.  No other compensation was received. 


Katie said...

It's beautiful! Your lucky neighbors!

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Paula said...

Love the wreath It is so delicate!