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DIY Sprinkler Hide-A-Key

Sprinkler Hide-A-Key

I stumbled across this sprinkler head hide-a-key over on Amazon and thought it was pretty clever.  Not too expensive either.  Then I did a little searching and found an easy DIY version over at Free PVC plans.  So you can make your own DIY sprinkler hide-a-key.

Of course now I can't use it since you all know that is where my key would be hiding!

Even if you aren't in the market for a hide-a-key, it is crazy what you can make with PVC pipe.  You should check it out! I have already told my husband he needs to make a PVC bike rack for the garage because I am tired of all the kids bikes falling over on me when I try to get to the sprinkler box!

PVC Bike Rack from Hostess with the Motzes

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