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Chalkboard Lunchbox Messageboard

Lunchbox Message Board from Fancy Frugal Life

Ruby loves getting notes in her lunch box, but sometimes when there are no sticky notes left in the kitchen draw and I am exhausted from a long night with the baby, I recycle the note from the night before.  She always notices.  Oh the woes of a third child that is no longer the baby!

Next year she starts Kindergarten and I am going to have to find her a metal lunch box so that we can make one of these super cool chalkboard lunch boxes.  I won't ever have to find a piece of paper in the morning again, although I will have to hunt down the chalk.  This is so cool it will be worth it!

You can check out how to make a chalkboard lunch box over at Fancy Frugal Life.

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Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

So cute, and a message to brighten the day. We can all use a little brightening this time of year, can't we? Hope you are having a great week!