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Star Wars Valentines

Star Wars Valentine from Inchmark Journal

My oldest son has just about grown out of his Star Wars phase (I blame middle school) but since I have another boy that I am sure will fall in love with lightsabers sooner or later, I am keeping track of these fun Star Wars valentine ideas.  Inchmark journal created this fun candy light saber valentine that you can print off on their site.

Brassy Apple has a printable for this Star Wars glow stick lightsaber valentine.

And Stitch/Craft has two great ideas, the first is this fun take on the sucker valentine, replacing it with a glow stick to make a personalized Star Wars photo valentine:

And the second is a fun free printable Lego Star Wars valentine:


g.t. said...

fun ideas for the boys!

g.t. said...

Thanks for posting them!

Ange said...

Mine haven't "outgrown" Star Wars! One is in her second year of university, and the other is in grade nine. Oh, and they are GIRLS. :)
I made them the glow stick light saber valentines last year. Thank you for posting the Darth Vader/Obi Wan Kenobi one. I know what they are getting this year.