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Factory Tours USA [Vacation Planning]

Factory Tours USA

I have been thinking about Summer vacation already (probably a side effect of everyone being sick with the fun winter time germs) and I found this fun site on Pinterest, Factory Tours USA.  It lists, by state, all of the factories that give tours.  They can be fun stops on road trips or just a fun day trip in your own home town.  We have passed Blue Bell Creamery at least three times since we have lived here and never done a tour.  I think it needs to be on the must do list this year for sure!

You can check out all of the factory tours available over at Factory Tours USA.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

By far the best two tours I've been on are Celestial Seasonings in Denver and Ben and Jerry's in VT! Both are awesome!!


Moore Minutes said...

Awesome!! Thank you so much. :)