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Dried Corn Centerpiece

Dried Corn Fall Centerpiece from Coordinately Yours

A couple of years ago I walked into a store that had all of their decorative pumpkins and dried corn on sale for 10 cents a set.  I think there were like 3 ears of Indian corn in each set.  I may or may not have gone overboard (read that as I absolutely did) and today as I was digging out my Halloween decorations I opened an 18 gallon plastic storage tub that may or may not have been filled with dried corn.  (Yeah, I won't even bother telling you which one it is).  So needless to say this dried corn centerpiece caught my attention.  Now I just have to dig through the corn and see if any of it is this gorgeous burgandy color.

You can check out how to make a dried corn Fall centerpiece over at Coordinately Yours.

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