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S'mores Rice Krispie Treats

S'more Rice Krispie Treats from Bakers Royale

This weekend I cleaned and organized my pantry.  When we moved I just sort of shoved everything into it and with d-day approaching figured it was now or never.  In the pantry is a giant size box of Rice Kripies that doesn't fit on any of the shelves.  I was very tempted just to bust it open and make some rice krispie treats, but refrained because I would probably have eaten them all.  It is a really good thing that I hadn't seen these s'more rice krispie treats before I made that decision, because I may not have been able to resist.

Who can resist rice krispie treats AND s'mores!  I am starting to think Naomi is one part genius and one part evil.  I guess that makes her an evil genius!

You can get the recipe for these s'more rice krispie treats over at Bakers Royale.

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