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[Huggies] What Mom Needs On Day One

The second that you go from being pregnant to being a mom of a newborn, there is a shift that happens. Instead of focusing on your needs, you start focusing on the needs of the baby. This is a natural transition, but moms need to remember that not only is it okay to take care of themselves, it will actually help you to take better care of your newborn baby.

So what does Mom need on day one? The most obvious answer is rest. Lots and lots of rest. This is one thing that is the same if you birthed at home, in a hospital, naturally, or by cesarean section. Your body needs to recover and rest is the best way to help you do that. The good news is that the baby will need a lot of rest too, so make sure to follow the number one rule of being a mom to a newborn. Sleep when the baby is sleeping. Don't feel bad about asking visitors to wait to visit until the next day. If there are special people you want around on day one, it is okay to allow them to visit quietly while you take a nap. I promise they will be perfectly entertained with the new bundle of joy they get to hold.

Another way to help your body recover is to make sure you are staying hydrated and eating healthy. Some doctors may even suggest that you continue to take your prenatal vitamins. Even if your first inclination is to satisfy the unhealthy craving you had your entire pregnancy, make sure to give your body something good to fuel the recovery process. That doesn't mean it has to be boring hospital food though. I am sure one of your visitors would be happy to bring you one of your favorite lunches or dinners and, after normal deliveries, hospitals do not have any restrictions on new moms having food brought in to the room.

Sleep and good nutrition are pretty universal needs, but everything else is really going to depend on you. After giving birth I just want a new pair of comfy pajamas to relax in. I know some moms that feel better if they have done their hair and makeup as soon as the baby is born. My husband has always brought me flowers after the birth of a new baby, but I know women that receive new jewelry as their 'push' present. Whatever your expectations, make them known ahead of time. Unspoken expectations are just premeditated disappointments.

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