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[Huggies] The Baby Name Dilemma

I love baby names. It is probably one of my favorite things about being pregnant or even knowing a pregnant lady. And I love the different types of baby namers out there. I know quite a few people who don't feel like they can name their baby until they have laid eyes on him or her in the hospital. I also know more than one person who can tell you the details of how to legally change your baby's name if you decide the one you put on the birth certificate just doesn't fit.

I have always found myself in the 'pick a good name and it will just work out' category. I like to keep it easy. Before you are released from the hospital, get the name to a person who works there and she will do all of the paperwork for the birth certificate and social security card for you. Heaven knows if it were left to me I would have an undocumented baby well into the teenage years!

One of my favorite phenomena is the couples who want to keep their baby names a secret. I have heard that they are afraid of someone else using the name or that someone will share a story that will make them change their mind. I don't worry about either. My mom was one of like 100 Susans in her high school and she survived, and if there is a story out there that is good enough to make me change my mind about a name, I want to know it BEFORE the baby is born. If my parents had told more people my sister's name before she was born, she might not have grown up with the initials A.S.S.

Just sayin'!

We have always used family names as our starting point when looking to name our kids. Our oldest son probably would have been named James after my husband's grandfather, but I was student teaching at the time and the little boy named Jimmy in my class used to try to choke other kids with jump ropes. So Jimmy the Strangler ruined that name choice.

We joke that when naming my youngest daughter we were trying to get into as many wills as possible. She is named after a great-great-grandmother, both grandmas, and with the name of three aunts and a great-grandmother thrown in for good measure. All crammed into a regular first and middle name. Now that is magic!

Baby number four is on the way. We had the PERFECT girl name picked out. It was pretty miraculous that we all agreed so quickly. Figures this baby would be a boy. I told my youngest, Ruby, that we should name him Max and she could take care of him like the big sister on 'Max and Ruby.' To which she replied, 'They don't have a mom.' Good point!

Why don't those cartoon bunnies have a mom? I mean, they have a grandma, but she doesn't live with them...

Anyway, if you have any good ideas for a baby boy name, let me know! My husband loves the name Hank, but honestly the only thing I can think of when I hear that name is hanky panky. That name so isn't going to happen.

What type of baby namer are you? Have you ever had your kids name legally changed? I would love to hear your baby naming stories!

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