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National Donut Day Facts

I am all about an excuse to celebrate things.  Why not have a National Donut Day to give you an excuse to eat a donut for no reason.  But after a little digging, I found out that National Donut Day is actually a pretty interesting thing.  It is celebrated the first Friday of June, but was originally the Donut Day event.  It was started back in 1938 by the Salvation Army to honor the women who served donuts and coffee to soldiers during World War II.

I guess without those ladies we might not enjoy donuts in the US the way we do now.

If you want to celebrate National Donut Day by making some donuts of your own, here are some fun donut recipes that I featured.

PS - Check out the website for your favorite donut shop and I bet you can get a free donut in honor of the day.  I know Krispy Kreme is offering it!

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