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I'll Be Right Back... [Tips for Moving]

So remember that move I have been talking about for like a billion years?  It is happening right now as we speak.  If you are planning a move, I have some tips for you.

Do not to move in the summer time.  (H-O-T)

Do not to move when you are pregnant.  (I am too tired to even try to spell tired)

Do not wear flip flops when you move.  (Yeah, I know...)

Definitely NEVER EVER wear flip flops to move in the rain while you are pregnant.  (Don't tell my husband I almost killed myself this way yesterday)

And most importantly...

Schedule your internet to be turned on like a month in advance so it is there the day you move in!!  I won't have my beloved wi-fi (or television for that matter) until at least Monday.  Sadly that means that blogging will be at a minimum for the rest of the week.

Show and Tell Saturday will still be up and ready all weekend.  And there are still a few fun giveaways going on that you have time to enter, so check them out.

Enter to win one of TWO $100 Visa gift card and a case of ZICO from ZICO Premium Coconut Water.

There are only 3 more days to enter to win a $100 Visa gift card from Clorox Clean-Up

One more week to check out the very fun 3M Mobile Projector and enter to win a $150 Target Gift Card.

And, starting today you can enter to win one of five Android Tablets Norton Identity Safe.


chris said...

Good luck, Lorie! I'll be moving again soon, too. :) Wishing things go as smooth as possible.

Katie said...

Thinking of you! It will be worth it!!