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DIY Father's Day Art Canvas

Father's Day Gift That Kids Can Make from Alyssa Arrowood

This fun Father's Day craft is a great gift that kids can make for Dad this year.  And if Dad's office wall doesn't have enough room, these would be fun to hang in the kids rooms when they are all finished too!  A great way to decorate a nursery even! 

My niece shared these pictures of her little guy making a Father's Day canvas for Dad.  First, tape off your little ones name or whatever word you want to use to describe Dad.

Then let your little guy go crazy with the paint.  (Make sure to protect your floors!!  This might be a good project to do outside in the morning!!)  Alyssa used washable finger paints.

Let it dry and then remove the tape and you have one cute DIY Father's Day gift.

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Perfect is the right word.