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Dallas!!! {TNT June 13th}

I honestly can only ever remember my Mom and Grandma watching one television show growing up. Dallas. I can still hum the theme song. I can tell you who shot JR, and I remember the entire season (that ended in Bobby being shot) that was all just a dream Pam had. Honestly, I was young enough when watching it that I am pretty sure Ellie, John Ross and the rest of the characters were all real life people to me.

So it is little to no surprise that on June 13th I will be watching the premiere of the new Dallas that airs on TNT at 9/8c. I am kind of giddy to hear the theme song again.

With the return of some of the original cast, JR, Bobby, and Sue Ellen, and the addition of the all grown up, younger generation (played by Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo and Brenda Strong), I am sure all of the drama that made the original Dallas so popular will return in an even more ambitious and better looking way.

Who wouldn't want to watch the original rivalry for Southfork between JR and Bobby play out between their sons, John Ross (Henderson) and Christopher (Metcalfe)?

If you can't wait for Wednesday to get here, you can check out the Rise to Power game. You will learn the back stories (aka dark secrets) of each character and decide who you think will come out on top.

You declare your allegiance to a character (before 9pm EST, June 13th), and you can enter to win over a thousand prizes as they blackmail and backstab their way to the top of the Southfork food chain. I am not sure that he will be the most conniving, but I have to vote for Bobby all the way!
Not to mention you can follow all of them, from JR to Bobby, on Twitter and check out more info for the show on the Dallas Facebook Page.

Did you watch the original Dallas? Who will you be sitting on the couch with when you tune in to TNT on June 13th? If you want, come sit on the couch with me! Sadly my Mom and Grandma live 1,000 miles away so I won't be able to watch it with them!

I can't wait for Wednesday! If you're curious what other bloggers thought you can check more posts by clicking over to the Dallas page on BlogHer. Happy watching!

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