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Pizza Party Invites

Pizza Party Invitations from Jaco'lyn Murphy

In Arizona we had neighbors that held a standing pizza party every Friday night.  They would provide the crust and the sauce and everyone that came would provide a topping.  Every Friday there would be a fun crowd of people.  It is an idea that I have thought about replicating in our own home now that we live in Texas.  Especially now that the kids are getting older and I am always looking for a way to get their friends to want to hang out at our house instead of my kids always wanting to go someplace else.  If I ever do get up to starting the tradition, I know just what pizza party invitations I will use.

Alexis created these fun invites using pizza cutters.  You have to be careful when you deliver them though, because they are sharp!!  You can check out how to make your own sharp pizza party invites over at Jaco'lyn Murphy.

If anyone has a good pizza dough recipe they would love to share, I am all ears!!
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