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Money Balloons [Gift Wrap]

Money Balloons from Sugar and Charm

We fell in love with the idea of hiding money in balloons with this fun birthday box idea, but if your gift is going to be hand delivered instead of shipped, why not use a little helium and a lot of confetti to dress up these fun money balloon gifts.

You can read all the handy tips for making money balloons over at Sugar and Charm.


HanoverGirl said...

Great idea! I am always looking for ideas to give money for a gift. It makes the gift more interesting!

Teresa said...

Fun idea! Thank you so much for sharing!

Unknown said...

Great idea - as long as no one lets go of the balloon!

Unknown said...

Love this idea - as long as no one lets go of the balloon!

De - aka, Denise or Neoma Denise said...

I did this for various graduation gifts -- tied the balloons to a small dowel to make a bouquet, for a stuffed bear to hold. . . also gave the grad a small box containing a large safety pin, and a note that said "Let the party begin!"