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Dwelling on the Diaper Bag: Emergency Situations

So you have done your research and found the perfect diaper bag for you. You have everything you need and even some of the things you want tucked safely inside. You should be all set, right? No matter how much thought you put into the perfect diaper bag, there will come a time when an emergency arises. Maybe your husband used the last diaper and didn't restock, or you took your wipes out to use them and left them at your sister's house. Maybe you have everything you need in your bag, but you are at a store that doesn't have a changing table in the bathroom. Or what if you forget your bag altogether? Sleep deprivation can make you do crazy things like that!

How do you handle a diaper bag emergency? There are a few items that are handy to have in case you are in an unfriendly diaper-changing situation. You could be at someone's house that doesn't have kids or a store or restaurant that doesn't have a changing table available. At those times, it is handy to have a changing pad.

You can use a disposable pad or purchase a diaper bag that has a reusable pad included. These come in handy in situations where your car, your stroller, or even the floor might be the only option you have for that emergency change.

In addition, some type of diaper sack--a small scented trash bag you can seal the diaper up in--is handy when looking for a garbage can after that awkward diaper change.
On that same note, it is also a good idea to keep some gallon-size plastic zipper bags tucked away too. You never know when you are going to need to seal up some baby clothes that needed to be changed for one of a few messy reasons.

Now, what if the emergency is a missing supply or a lack of the diaper bag altogether? I make it a point to keep extra basics--diapers and wipes at the minimum, and typically a change of clothes too--in each of our vehicles. Not only does it come in handy for you, but if you are out (even without your little one) and a friend or even a stranger has an emergency diaper change need, you can come to the rescue. One quick tip for storing wipes in the car is to also keep a bottle of water tucked away with them. The heat of a car in the summer can easily dry out wipes, but with a little splash of water they will be as good as new.

What are your tips for being prepared for a diaper bag emergency? I would love to hear them

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Mrs. S. said...

I keep a package of wipes with a pullup (or diaper) & a flannel receiving blanket banded to it in the car. Perfect for quick changes-no pad needed. Or great for car sick kid. And the blankets cost me $1 so if I need to toss it no biggie.

Becky said...

I kept a list of what was supposed to be in the diaper bag on the fridge. That way I didn't have to think about it and others could consult the list to make sure it was full. I don't think I ever had an emergency I couldn't handle because we always made sure items were replaced. And I always had an extra bag in the car that had extra clothes & diaper stuff. To this day, I keep a "diaper bag" in the car that holds extra clothes for my kids (they're now 11 & 13) plus sunscreen, asthma meds, and other items we might need. More often than not, these clothes are used for other people's emergencies.