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Dwelling on the Diaper Bag

This month Huggies has asked us to 'Dwell on the Diaper Bag.'  I think diaper bags might be the one pregnancy subject that actually isn't controversial. I mean, who doesn't think a diaper bag is handy? That would be like thinking a baby isn't cute. So whether you have your eye on a really expensive designer diaper bag or are just planning to use the freebie they give you at the hospital, a diaper bag is one of those essential items you will want to have before you bring baby home.

With my first child I didn't put much thought into a diaper bag. The hospital gave me a pretty decent one that was neutral in color and not white with pastel animals on it like some of the others I had seen. Everything I needed fit inside nicely, so I used it for about the first year of being a mom. Of course, I had never been one that was picky about purses, and I carried all of my personal items in a day planner at the time, so I was pretty easy to please.

By the time I had my second kiddo, I knew what features were essential. Outside pockets for the things that you will want to grab quickly, like a bottle, a binkie, and your cell phone, are a must. Obviously you want to get to your phone in a hurry if it is ringing, but you will also come to appreciate having bottles and pacifiers that are quickly at hand when baby gets fussy.

Anytime my kids were with me, my diaper bag doubled as my purse. When you are already towing a baby and a diaper bag, it is a lot to ask to toss on another shoulder strap. It is always a good idea, especially in the first few months, to make your life as easy as possible. And when you are sleep deprived, you will only have one bag to keep track of instead of two. I found a nice large diaper bag that had two main compartments. I kept all of baby's needs on one side and mine on the other. It was nice not to have to dig through diapers and wipes when looking for my wallet, and I never had to worry about formula and goldfish getting mixed in with my gum and lip balm.

Speaking of formula and goldfish, your diaper bag will start out nice and pristine, but eventually it will need a good cleaning. It may just be the amount of use it gets, but it will more likely be a bottle with a lid that wasn't secure, crumbs from your baby's favorite first snacks, or even a well-executed spit-up. No matter how beautiful the diaper bag of your dreams is, it needs to be easy to clean. Machine washable is heavenly, but if that isn't an option, get a bag that has a waterproof lining that is easy to wipe down.

Next week I will write a little more about the must-haves of diaper bags that I figured out by kid number three, and I am not just talking about diapers and wipes. There are a couple of additions that will make life as a mom much easier, at least where the battle of digging through the diaper bag is concerned. For now, I would love to hear what you loved about your diaper bag.

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Rottman said...

A bag diapers for women is completely essential! Before having my first boy I had no idea why the hell people brought me that bag, I mean, I can just use one of my big hobo bags! Only after having my baby I understood how important it is to have one! Everything stays organized and clean.