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Dwell on the Diaper Bag - My Diaper Bag Must Haves

I am sure when you think of the absolute must-haves for a diaper bag you think of the basics. Diapers, wipes, maybe some diaper cream. And of course those are the necessities, but with the little room left over -- in between the spare set of clothes and the baby formula -- you might want to squeeze in some other handy items. Here are three of my favorite diaper bag must-haves.

The first item on my list is a carabiner. A giant carabiner!

Carabiners are a tool used for climbing, but they have been adapted for a ton of everyday uses. I have one that I use for a key chain and now I never have to dig in my purse for my keys. Large carabiners are great for carrying multiple bags at once. I use it to keep all of my reuseable shopping bags together and to carry them into the house. It is handy for people who often have their hands full, like moms.
But they have an extra use for you when you are lugging around a diaper bag. You can use the hook to secure your diaper bag to the handle of a shopping cart, freeing up space for things like groceries! And if you are out shopping with a stroller you can use it to hook both the diaper bag and your purchases to the handle of the stroller while you push it along. The best part about this diaper bag must-have is that you won't out grow it. Even when your little one is out of diapers, this hook will still be a handy tool you can continue to use.

My second diaper bag favorite actually does have to do with diapers and wipes. Well, at least wipes.

Although the hard travel wipe cases are handy, I love to use a full-size soft pack in my diaper bag. Wipes are handy for lots of things like sticky fingers, and dirty noses, not to mention their intended purpose, so I like to keep a lot of them handy. You never want to be caught without a wipe when you need one, and the 8-10 wipes that a travel case carries just never feels like enough to me. Plus they come in such fun designs!

The last diaper bag must-have was given to me by my aunt when I had my third child. She gave me what looked like a cute little purse, but it was actually a very convenient way to keep track of a binkie.

This cute little pacifier purse attaches to the strap of your diaper bag and eliminates the need to frantically dig through all of your possessions when your little one gets fussy. It is even big enough to carry pacifier wipes, which come in handy for all the times the pacifier gets spit out and lands on the ground.

These three items are some of my favorites to have tucked away in my bag. What about you? Do you have a can't-live-without-item that you carry in your diaper bag?
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