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DIY Frozen Yogurt Chips

DIY Frozen Yogurt Chips from Oh So Pretty The Diaries

My kids almost never finish a container of yogurt.  It is sort of a curse in this house.  But they always seem to finish the tubes of frozen go-gurt that I toss in the freezer ever summer.  These fun frozen yogurt chips might be making an appearance at our breakfast table this summer.  If I don't remember to make them ahead of time, I can use the left over yogurt and put them in a jar labeled for the non-yogurt finishing culprit to enjoy the next day.

You can check out how to make your own DIY Frozen Yogurt Chips over at Oh So Pretty The Diaries.

1 comment:

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Mine never finish yogurt either :)
I may give this a try!