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Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream from Love From The Oven

This dark chocolate ice cream recipe might be the first one we try when we pull out our ice cream maker this year.  Even the step by step pictures of it being made look delicious.  Now I just have to order some pretzel cones!

You can get the dark chocolate ice cream recipe over at Love From The Oven


Unknown said...

The link for the recipe is not correct, it brings me to a bean salad recipe on a totally different blog than the one you mentioned. I really love dark chocolate and would love to find this recipe!

Lorie said...

It is fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

robincgonz said...

You do know that she has links to the places she bought the pretzel cones from?

Maia Dobson said...

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Unknown said...

In my case, since I just had tooth extraction, my dentist in champaign il actually recommended that I eat lots of ice cream so the flesh gum wounds will heal fast.