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Birthday Box Surprise [Birthday Gift Idea}

Birthday Balloons from She's Crafty

When we moved away from Arizona two years ago I vowed I would be the cool aunt/sister/daughter/granddaughter that would be good at mailing cards and gifts to my family back home in Arizona.

That didn't really happen.

But I am working on it.  And this fun birthday balloon idea is going in my cool aunt arsenal.  This fun box is perfect for mailing because it is super light weight.  Inside are balloons, each one with a dollar inside.  You could even throw confetti in some to mix it up.  This is such a fun way to wish someone a Happy Birthday from far away.

You can check out all of the details of the box of birthday balloons, and other great ideas, over at She's Crafty.


Candice said...

Thank you for the shout out about my birthday balloons!!

Kelley With Love said...

This is absolutely one of the cutest and most creative bday ideas I have seen! Thanks for sharing.

XO Kelley

Stephanie R. said...

I love this! It would be super cheap to ship, and my kids would have a ball with the balloons!

Unknown said...

I love this but am going to take it one step further...since I am not shipping it I am going to fill the balloons with helium so when my sister opens the box for her 50th birthday the balloons will float out.... :)

Lorie said...

What a fun idea!