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Inspiration to Fitness - Week 7

This week is the finish line.  I have thought quite a bit about it and it reminds me a lot of high school graduation.  During your senior year all you can do is dream about the magic that is graduation.  You can't wait for it to come and you really believe it is going to change your life.  You just don't realize how it is going to change your life.  Once you start college you discover that the work is harder, your parents are no longer there to motivate you to get things done, and your performance now counts more towards your future than anything you accomplished in high school.  And there always comes a moment where you wish you could go back and do it all again.

For the last 7 weeks I have been dreaming of the finish line.  At first I was just dreading the running and dreaming of the day when I didn't have to head out the door three days a week to bang my feet against the pavement.  As the running got easier and I dreaded it less, I still kept my eyes focused on the finish line.  I wanted to be able to say I could complete a 5 K.  I wanted to be D-O-NE!

Now it is here.  I put on my shoes and ran the distance.  I dodged stinky trash cans, listened to my music, and finished 5 kilometers.  I have to admit it felt good to be finished.  I enjoyed the initial excitement for about a day.  I did it!  I'm done!  But the next day all of the excitement had faded and I was left with only the realization that I had only finished chapter one.  I know that I still have quite a distance to travel in my own personal fitness journey.  Up until now Ashley picked out the curriculum and I had to turn in my assignments to you guys ever week in the form of these posts.  Now I will have to decide where to go from here and I am am only accountable to myself.  Hopefully the habits that I have started in these 7 weeks will pull be through the next 7 and the 7 after that.

In college I ditched a few classes and procrastinated on my fair share of assignments, but I still managed to graduate in less than 4 years, meet and marry my husband, and even start a family before it was all said and done.  I know I won't run three times a week every week anymore.   I will probably add a lot more walking back into my schedule focus  more on what I am using to fuel those steps.  I am really good at making healthy choices, but they are usually in addition to, and not instead of, my unhealthy choices.  Hopefully before 2012 is over I will have completed a few more goals and reached a few more finish lines.

Thanks for running right along side of me for these seven weeks, even if it was only in spirit, and good luck on the next seven weeks of your journey.

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