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3 Cleaning Supplies You Need

3 Cleaning Supplies You Need

The weather is warming up here, which means that Spring cleaning is right around the corner.  Add to that the fact that we have finally found a new home, one that we won't be moving into until the summer, this Spring is going to be chock full of cleaning and organizing in our house.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorite cleaning supplies.  All three of these can be used with any combination of your favorite cleaners to clean just about everything.  That last part might be a slight exaggeration, but I do use all three of these items ever time I clean.

1 - Toothbrushes.

These tiny brushes can work a lot of magic in the bathroom.  You absolutely must use one when cleaning your toilet if you have a boy in your home.  I grew up with all sisters and was not adequately prepared for the way a boy can make a bathroom smell like a school rest room.  Y-U-C-K.  If you take a look around the outside of a standard toilet bowl, there are about a million tiny hiding places for pee.  And all of those places can be easily reached with a toothbrush.  You can buy some inexpensive toothbrushes from the dollar store, or just keep the old brushes when you switch them out.  I do suggest taking a permanent marker and decorating them in a way that will let everyone know that they have been used to clean the toilet.

In addition to the toilet, faucets, grout and window sills are great places to bust out a tooth brush.

2 - Butter Knife.

This is another tool that is great for cleaning out small spaces.  Does the outside of your microwave have tiny grooves that are there for no other reason than to get dirty?  Have you ever tried to wipe down the inside of an air vent without removing it?  For both of these jobs, wrap a towel around the edge of a butter knife and slide the end of the knife in that tiny space.  You will be thoroughly grossed out by what you find.  I also recommend keeping a butter knife from an old set, picking a few up at a garage sale, or using the random butter knives that made it over from your mother's house.  I do not recommend telling her though.

3 - Microfiber towels.

I buy the giant packages at Costco and leave some under every sink.  There is nothing better at cleaning up your tile in the kitchen, even if you are just using water.  And they are a must have for dusting.  I actually just found out that they are supposed to work on windows too, even without window cleaners. I am going to have to give that a try.

So what is your favorite cleaning tool?  Other than a maid!!


Kelli W said...

My boys can seriously stink up a bathroom in less than a day! They can be so gross:) I love using old toothbrushes to clean too. They are great for grout lines. I also use them to scrub stains on clothes!

Ange said...

A toothpick is a VERY useful tool for tiny grooves and seams that get grimy. It won't scratch whatever it is that you are cleaning and are great for tiny spaces. I go through a few a week.

Unknown said...

I'm a fanatic for microfiber towels. I use different colors for different rooms, and now my computer. perfect for that too.

I also use a SuperCloth for glass. that's what it's called! Just rinse in water and you're good to go. It's fabulous!

Kimberly said...

I have all sisters and did not know how bad & quickly little boys can stink up a bathroom! Yuck!!! I use toothbrushes and toothpicks.