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Serving Ice Cream [Unusual Ice Cream Cups]

Candy Cane Ice Cream from Call Me Cupcake

This yummy candy cane ice cream recipe from Call Me Cupcake is a great way to say goodbye to all of the holiday candy canes that are floating around your house, but what I am really in love with is the idea of serving it in a can.  One of my newest kitchen gadgets is a smooth edge can opener.  What better reason to break it out and master it than ice cream.

When the weather cools off and you are having more guests over than you have cute ice cream dishes, why not go for a rustic feel.  I don't use a lot of canned goods, so I might have to start saving now for the summer.

I also love these ice cream sundaes served in jars.  A more expensive option, but also one that can be reused for much more than ice cream.  You can even have the ice cream pre scooped into the jar and the guests could just add toppings from a bar.

You can also just go with an edible bowls, like these brownie bowls.

Make sure to also check out tips on how to serve ice cream at a party.

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