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Love Is A Battlefield Valentine

Love Is A Battlefield Valentine from Jaco'lyn Murphy

Jaco'lyn made these hilarious army men valentines for her son this year.  I am sure the boys will love them, even if they don't get the musical references, but I think these would be cute to leave around the house for my hubby.  And he WOULD enjoy the musical references.

And I am pretty sure that my mother in law needs to give these to my father in law.  And if you have a valentine that is serving in the military, wouldn't these be perfect?

This isn't the only version either.   I can't fight this feeling any longer may have made its way to an army man valentine on a blog near you.

You can check out all of the army men valentines over at Jaco'lyn Murphy.

These are hilarious!


Alexis said...

Oh Lorie! Thanks so much for posting my Army men :) made my day

Pidg said...

Those are beyond awesome, my boys would love those!

Mandy Beyeler said...

love love them!

Renee said...

I kind of love this!