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Inspiration to Fitness - Week 4

When I started Ashley's 5K program four weeks ago, I really only had one goal for myself. If I was going to run, I was going to run the entire distance. Now, I wasn't crazy enough to think I could actually run without stopping, so I worked out a system. Anytime I needed to walk I would turn around and walk in the opposite direction for a while. Then I would retrace my steps and when I got back to my stopping point I would have to start running again. This method was also a great way to track my progress. If I ran past the spot I had stopped to walk a couple days earlier, I knew things were improving. This little trick has allowed me to walk when I feel like I need to walk, but still still feel that I am successfully running the distance.

Last week was my best and worst week all in one.  It started off really rough with sick kids, bad weather, and a serious lack of motivation.  I didn't run on Monday.  I did go out walking with my favorite walking partner and we got a good 4 miles in, so I didn't feel too bad.  When Wednesday's run came around I was feeling a bit under the weather and skipped that run too.  I was zero for two in the running department. Not a great start to the week.

Now typically this is where I would throw in the towel, at least for the rest of the week, and just convince myself that I would start over next week. But in real life you don't always just get to start things over.  Thick and thin, good and bad, you just have to push your way through them.  I got up Saturday morning to go running. It was cold.  36 degrees cold. I went to the track that I use every Saturday morning and I was completely alone.  I didn't even make my son come with me.  The combination of lack of running, cold weather, and no one to help keep my pace up meant I was running  slow.  I mean really slow.  But I was running.

And I kept running.

I finished the entire 2.25 miles without stopping to walk. Now believe me when I tell you that it was a really slow pace, but it was my pace.  It is a pace that I feel I could maintain for 3.1 miles if I decided to run a 5K. Now they may close the course before I finish, but I wouldn't have to stop to walk.

So this week I was reminded that just because you have a bad week doesn't mean you have to start over. Just keep going.  And even more important, I was reminded to go at my own pace. I am not in this to be better than anyone else, I am just in it to be a better me.

Here is to having 2.25 mile behind me.

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Sam Findlay said...

Well done! I would have really struggled after missing two day and think you did great!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, but you pushed through and saw that you are stronger than you thought. That is a wonderful feeling!