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Inspiration to Fitness - Week 3

I took the boy running with me for the first time this week.  We headed out to the track for our 2 mile run. We warmed up by walking to the middle school track near our home.  On the way we talked about why I was running when I didn't like to run, we talked about how much easier it is to stay active than to try to get back into shape, and we talked about the upcoming science fair at school. I love that we had had time for uninterrupted conversation.

When we reached the track we started to run together.  He ran with me for a bit until I told him he didn't have to stay with me.  He took off at a faster pace and before I had finished my first mile my first born had lapped me.

It's a good thing he is cute.

A running partner, especially one that can keep a decent pace, is handy to have around.  Not only is it good motivation, it helps you keep your pace up when you don't have a treadmill to run on.  Even if you can't keep up with their pace, you can make sure that you aren't being lapped by them.  At least not very often.  You could technically even use a stranger that is running on the same track as a reference.  Of course, they might wonder why you keep turning around to watch them run.

My pace still needs a lot of work, but I can tell that the strength training exercises Ashely has prescribed are helping in that area.  It is a slow process, but my legs do feel stronger after the first mile then they did when I started.  Maybe the day will even come when they I will need to add a level of difficulty to them by using weights when I lunge.  That day is still a ways off for me yet.  Wall squats and lateral lunges all by themselves are enough for me at the moment.

This week my goal is to run a little faster.  Hopefully it will take my son a little longer to lap me on Saturday morning.

What are your fitness goals this week?

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Veronica said...

That's a great idea to gauge your improvement. I tend to challenge the person in the gym next to me by either going farther or a bit faster than them on the treadmill or elliptical. I especially feel good when that person is obviously more fit. Go you!

Grace said...

"we talked about how much easier it is to stay active than to try to get back into shape..." This is so true and something I need to remember. Good for you for making your health a priority!