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BlogHer Inspiration to Fitness [Week 2]

A couple of years ago I took a strength training class at our local YMCA. The teacher was amazing. The teacher was 7 months pregnant. You would think taking a strength training class from a pregnant woman wouldn't leave you too sore. It always took me a good two days before I could even walk again.

When I read through Ashely's strength training suggestions, that is all I could think about. How would I be able to run if I couldn't even walk? I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with Ashely's regimen. There is just enough strength training that you feel it, but not enough to make you really sore. I am actually enjoying the strength training portion, as long as no one is watching me. No one needs to see me do mountain climbers.

I would love it if no one had to watch me run either, but the high school kids that wait for the bus across the street have gotten to see me run back and forth in front of my house over and over again.  I am pretty sure they think I have lost my mind.  It is quite possible that I have lost my mind because there have been a couple of stretches where I have actually been RUNNING! Not just jogging, but running. I am not going to go all crazy and say I actually liked it, but it did feel pretty good to have something that resembled momentum.

My youngest has been sick and my husband has been out of town, so it has required me to be a little creative with my running routes and schedules. One of those creative techniques was mapping out a .1 mile stretch in front of my house. I ran .05 miles in each direction, keeping my house in my sight, and ran the stretch over and over and over again until I got in the required distance. It looks like she might be home from school for a couple more days, so I might be getting even more familiar with that stretch of sidewalk.

Now you know why the high school kids think I have lost my mind.

These last two weeks have definitely shown me that no matter what the circumstances, you just have to make it happen. You might have to run in the rain, you might have to run a short stretch in front of your house over and over, and you might have to do lunges down your hallway, but if you can find time to sit at the computer or watch TV or do just about anything else, you can find time to make it happen.

So make it happen!

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Anonymous said...

I know that you might have looked crazy, but in your heart and mind you know that you are doing something so good for your body. Congrats to you for making it happen! It is not easy.

Ally said...

I did them up and down my hallway as well haha